Tech as a tool for engaging students in literature

Looking for ways to get your students excited about reading? Great technology tools are invaluable for engaging students, especially when it comes to reading, but finding the right ones can be challenging and time consuming. 

Shannon McClintock Miller is a teacher, librarian, and school technology specialist. As a lover of
the written word, and as an avid technologist, she is passionate about finding tools to help her teach children to read for enjoyment and comprehension. 

On May 14, join a discussion with Shannon where she will share how to easily use technology to engage students in all aspects of literature. Hear how other educators are engaging their students, creating quick interactive lessons, and even having their students create their own creative literature projects.

edu Buncee is one of the tools that Shannon will discuss to show how educators can design engaging student centric lessons and assignments in reading and storytelling. Register Below.

If it's after 7:45PM Eastern time, please go directly to we will be starting at about 8:00 PM Eastern time.