Five Ways Video Can Transform Your Classroom

Led by Suzy Lolley

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Date: Thursday, November 18
Time: 8:00PM Eastern/5:00PM Pacific Time
Are you tired of the same old papers and poster presntations in your classroom?

Video grabs and holds attention, that's why so many marketers and websites use video to get their message across.Good video can make History, Science, Math, English, Art, in fact, practically any class, come alive.

Do you want to present with video, but worry about the quality and the ads interfering?

Suzy Lolley
In this interactive webinar, learn how to find and use videos that inspire, inform, and instruct. Teaching veteran and instructional technology specialist Suzy Lolley will lead us in a discussion covering:
  1. How can we use video to provide an authentic audience for student work?
  2. What projects use video to allow students to access their creativity?
  3. How can we make rote learning more fun by using videos?
  4. How do we find and use videos that are aligned to curriculum standards
  5. How can we make sure that videos are safe for students to watch and use?
Please come prepared to ask questions and share your own experiences!

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