Games to Overcome Traumatic Events

With Kenneth R. Bibbins

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Date: Wednesday, June 7
Time: 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific time
Kenneth R. Bibbins will review how you can apply games in your class and school to diagnose, minimize, and overcome psychological issues in children due to exposure to traumatic situations.

Studies show that childhood exposure to traumatic events can have a profound long-term impact on mental and physical health, high school graduation, and poverty. When children experience traumatic events in their communities---being victims or witnesses of violence, living in fear of deportation, experiencing parental substance abuse, experiencing a natural or man-made disaster, or living in serious poverty---stress is inflicted on the developing brain, which can impact social-emotional wellbeing and force children into survival mode. While a child’s natural response to this trauma may result in difficulty paying attention or regulating emotions, it can often be overlooked or misunderstood ---leading to school suspensions, poor student achievement, or escalation of conflicts. Trauma and its effects are often exacerbated for children of color.

PrepBiz is a free Game-Based Learning Application using IBM Watson game-based technology, artificial intelligence, and conversation bots with disasters as the content to combat disaster trauma in youth by building resilience, greater psychological awareness and greater confidence in youth resulting empowerment to help ameliorate disaster trauma and other childhood adverse experiences.

Kenneth R. Bibbins
Kenneth R. Bibbins
is the Founder/CEO of PrepWorld LLC and the designer behind the PrepBiz trauma-informed game based learning concept. Kenneth Bibbins, is a Clinical Physiologist and Disaster Subject Matter Expert (SME) who served as a liaison to the Federal Government in oversight of the Hurricane Katrina recovery effects with regards to re-populating the City of New Orleans and connecting families and kids to wrap-around services including schools, housing, hospitals, and social services. He has a wealth of experience in disaster management, emergency preparedness, and recovery.
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