Parents, Community, and Schools: Allies or Frenemies?

with Peter Kraft
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Date: Thursday, November 30
Time: 8:00PM Eastern/5:00PM Pacific time
If you watch the news, you can’t help but feel that with friends like these, who needs enemies, right? Everyone has an opinion about what’s wrong with schools.

But we also know that parents and community can have enormous positive effects on students’ attitudes and learning. So how do we engage all partners in education, students, parents, community groups, and school board members so that we are all pulling in the same direction?

Come talk to Peter Kraft, and see why he has been selected to lead three sessions at FETC as we all discuss: 
  • Examples of where communications break down and where they have worked 
  • Methods of communications, and how technology can aid and impede effective team building 
  • Techniques that keep all stake holders informed and motivated
Peter Kraft
Peter Kraft is co-founder and CEO of Evolution Labs, a company that is changing the way students engage with schools and the way schools engage students.  Its proprietary S360 software platform helps high schools and colleges recruit, enroll and retain students and their parents (driving key institutional goals and student learning outcomes).

He has been working with students, parents and schools his entire professional life–trying to figure out what makes students tick, what makes parents do the things they do and how to help schools engage them both to achieve great outcomes, and creating solutions to help schools reach them, teach them and support them.

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