Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom with 3DBear

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Date: Thursday March 14
Time: 9:00PM Eastern/8:00 Central time
Length: 45 minutes
What distinguishes the Finnish education system?

Finnish students learn through
a type of experiential learning they call Phenomenon-Based Learning. Teachers guide them through critical thinking, collaboration, creative thinking, and communication as they design solutions to engaging problems. And as the students are designing, thinking, and communicating, they are deeply learning the same content areas taught in the US and the rest of the world.

Out of this environment, a Finnish technology company created the 3DBear app, which embodies the same principles Finnish students and teachers use. 

In this 45 minute interactive webinar, you will learn how to deploy fun lessons in science, ELA, social studies, SEL, math, art, and community building that can be enhanced with augmented reality across grade level K-9.

You will get an in-depth exposure to lessons and activities that have been featured by such thought leaders as Jaime Donally, Rachelle Dene Poth, and Monica Burns.