What a Black Educator Wishes White Educators Knew About Students of Color

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Date: Thursday, March 22
Time: 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific time
Led by Rodney Turner

Black teachers are on average better for black students than white teachers are.

It's probably not because black teachers are better than white teachers. Some of it has to do with the affinity of all of us to identify with people like us, so students of color might identify more with teachers of color.

Rodney Turner
But some of it may be differences in actions and attitudes. So let's talk about race, culture, expectations, actions and results. Maybe we will all learn something that will allow us to become better educators and help us unleash more potential from all of our students.

This discussion will be led by Rodney Turner. Rodney  is an Instructional Technology Consultant and has been an educator over 20 years. He is an ambitious seeker of knowledge in the science of teaching. He is constantly honing his skills with technology based tools by blogging, hosting his own podcast – “TechyTurner’s Tips, Tricks and Thoughts”, and presenting instructional strategies, tips, and tools in educational conferences like ISTE, AZ Google Summit, Southern Summit, MOBILE 2013, MORENET, and Miami Device.