Wow! 6 transformative lessons to engage your students and fire up your practice

Led by Paul Darvasi

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Date: Wednesday, June 20
Time: 8:00PM Eastern/5:00PM Pacific time
The human brain is designed to become excited about the new and, and it gets bored with existing patterns. And that’s as true for us as it is for our students.

Paul Darvasi has been asked by his school to work with interested teachers to devise novel instructional approaches that impassion both the teachers and the students, and he’s excited to share the results.

Some of the questions we will discuss:
  • How did he, and how can you, get this dream assignment? 
  • How did he and the teachers come up with the lessons and relate them to learning objectives? 
  • What were the learning activities, and how can they be used by other teachers and other schools? 
  • What are the outcomes of these innovative initiatives, and what were the lessons learned? 
Paul Darvasi
Paul Darvasi is an educator and researcher who keynotes, lectures, writes and consults on the intersection of digital games, simulations, narrative, social justice, culture and learning. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Technology (MET) and is a PhD candidate in York University’s Language, Culture and Teaching program, and he recently authored a paper for UNESCO on how digital games can support peace education and conflict resolution.

Paul is a featured speaker at the Serious Play Conference. This is the prime event to find out about games for social good.