Building a Safe Personalized Learning Community with Andy and Leo

Design and Implementation

More than Cool: FETC's Discussions on EdTech with Leading Educators

How do we advance current curriculum and pedagogy to embrace modern learning, communication styles and techniques? How do we make technology in our schools meaningful to learners, teachers, and the community at large? The Integrated Learning Ecosystem is the blank canvas that when used in our classrooms could provide better insight into the type of material, activities, and environments our learners respond and engage, hence actually personalizing learning.

Join Andy and Leo in a conversation on how using meaningful technology strategies and standards within our schools will not only empower our teachers and learners but the learning community as a whole. We will cover the merging of next generation pedagogy, open education resources, common assessments, and project based learning can not only, reach learners in new ways, but also, push the limits of the learning.

Participants will share with each other and with Andy and Leo:

  1. experiences about the challenges we all face in education.
  2. the ways we have all leveraged technology and pedagogy to meet the needs and work wit the challenges we discussed in item 1.
  3. strategies on using the technology effectively to make it disappear and focus on the needs of learning.
  4. strategies we can leverage to entice our learning communities to embrace a model of growth where change is learning and learning is what we do

This interactive participatory session is for educators, administrators, and tech leaders, and is a preview of their session at FETC, where they will work with IT staff.

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Date: Wednesday, November 1

Time: 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific time

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Andrew Wallace
Leo Brehm

Andrew Wallace has been a technology director for South Portland Schools in Maine for the past 14 years. He is a member of the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), is Treasurer of ACTEM (Maine’s ISTE affiliate), and is President of the Maine Educational Technology Directors Association (METDA). He is a member of the design team of #EdChatME, a weekly Twitter chat, and was recently named to the faculty of the University of Maine’s Graduate College of Education. A former librarian, Wallace is interested in spreading the Learning Commons model and helping to imagine and create effective learning spaces. Please connect with him on Twitter @andrewtwallace.A career school CIO for public schools within Massachusetts, throughout

his 21 year career, LeoBrehm has supported education in a variety of roles, including a technology support specialist, instructional technology specialist, network administrator, director of technology, and adjunct professor in four districts and a higher education institution. Currently he serves as the Learning Evolution Officer for Central Mass Collaborative providing innovative solutions to forty plus districts and 80-100k students and as the Director of Digital Learning for the Massachusetts Virtual Academy focused on reinventing the virtual program into a personalized experience. In addition he sits on the K12-CTO advisory committee for the IMS Global Learning Consortium, the Board of Directors for The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning and Creativity, and the Board of Directors for SustainEd. For several years, he served on the MassCUE Board of Directors also serving as president and treasurer.