Assessment Isn't a 4-Letter Word When You Know How to Hack It

with Starr Sackstein and Mark Barnes

When you think of it, we all want to know how we are doing, we just don't want all the baggage that comes with the way most of us assess students today. Who hates it more, the teachers or the students?

Hacking Assessment offers easy to implement strategies to change the traditional way of communicating learning by advocating for student voice in the conversation. Teachers should no longer dole out grades like their jobs depend upon it but rather need to talk to kids about what they know and can do.

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Date: December 17, 2016

Time: 7:00pm Eastern Time/ 4:00PM Pacific Time

Brilliant or Insane publisher and Hack Learning creator Mark Barnes has written six books on education technology, student-centered learning, using mobile devices and social media in the classroom, global learning and 21st-century assessment, using his revolutionary SE2R system. Mark Barnes is a recognized thought leader and one of education’s most dynamic speakers. A prolific content curator, Mark’s social media shares reach more than five million educators every month.

Starr Sackstein is a Nationally Board Certified high school English teacher/journalism teacher who has the heart of a writer. She currently works at World Journalism Preparatory School in Flushing, NY as a high school English and Journalism teacher and author of Teaching Mythology Exposed: Helping Teachers Create Visionary Classroom Perspective. Her blogs with Education Week Teacher are called “Work in Progress” and her personal blog is where she discusses all aspects of being a teacher. She has yet to meet Mick Jagger, so any help there would be appreciated.