Robert Kravitz on Involving Parents as Education Partners

All the data point (this never looks right to me, even though I know the word "data" is plural) to parents as the most important factor influencing student success. Here is the latest article talking about the importance of involving parents. How do you get parents to become part of the team, helping you to motivate and channel their students to become better learners?

Degree in Education. After a year at the charter school he left there to become a business teacher at Fort Lee High School in Fort Lee, New Jersey. After two and half very successful years teaching he was promoted to assistant principal of the school. After six months he was promoted to principal of Fort Lee Elementary School #3. After one year, the culture of the school was changed. He implemented his edupreneurial spirit into the school which created a successful school as recognized by the 2010 denomination as a United States National Blue Ribbon School. Currently he serves as Superintendent of Schools of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

And what did he do before that? Join us and find out how he started his sweet recipe for school success. Or read his book, Blue Ribbon Story, an Entrepreneur's Success in Education.

Involving Parents as Education Partners

Date: September 21, 2015

Time: 8:00 PM Eastern Time/ 5:00 PM Pacific Time

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We all have ideas and theories, and this will give us all the opportunity to discuss our own techniques with Robert Kravitz, Superintendent of Schools at Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Robert maintains that there are three mutually supporting legs to a highly functioning education team: teachers, administrators, and parents. In his district, parents are partners and the are active participants in their children's education. Robert began teaching business in a Charter School in Jersey City, New Jersey. During that time he went back to school to obtain a Masters

Robert Kravitz