The Politics of Education

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Date: Wednesday March 15

Time: 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific time

with Dave Henderson and Jeff Madlock Like it or not, public education is political. In the US, schools are funded, legislated, policied (yes, I looked up that word on the Internet so I know it’s okay to use it), and adjudicated from the local, state, and federal executive offices, legislations, courts, voting booths, and bureaucracies. What, where, when, and how students are taught, with what materials, at what cost, and even where and when they can go to the bathroom are all results of politics.

Got an opinion? Join two educational leaders from Arkansas as they take on all comers in a spirited and sometimes irreverent but always interesting discussion on what is and what should be the influence of politics on our schools.

Jeff Madlock and David Henderson are the EduTechGuys. Jeff founded EduTechGuys prior to 2015, but it wasn’t until he and David sat at lunch one day and came up with an idea to broadcast live, weekly online radio shows that EduTechGuys found a purpose. Since June 2015, the EduTechGuys have performed more than 70 weekly live podcasts, featuring a variety of guests. They have also provided live conference coverage for local, state, and national events such as “Hour of Code” at a local school, “Schools Without Walls” and “Arkansas Conference of Technology” in Arkansas, the Association of Education Service Agencies (AESA) National Conference in New Orleans, and FETC just this January.

Dave Henderson and Jeff Madlock