Engagement Driven SEL

with Shawn Young

With violence, bullying, mental illness and inclusion issues becoming more and more prevalent in schools, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has become a pressing topic for all educators. Different frameworks exist to define SEL and categorize different SE competencies, but many educators lack the tools to easily develop and assess them. In this talk, we’ll discuss the CASEL framework for SEL and explain how Classcraft can be used as a tool for teachers to develop and assess SE competencies based on that framework. The Classcraft experience addresses the engagement issue that has plagued schools for decades. Classcraft builds social emotional and academic skills, and it leads to safer, more empathetic communities. Specifically, the experience empowers play through fun, creative, and problem-solving quests; it enhances communication and collaboration through group learning both on and offline; and it is an effective tool for assisting students as they develop core academic skills.

Shawn Young is a co-founder and CEO of Classcraft, the Engagement Management System for schools. Since its launch, Classcraft has gained incredible traction with educators worldwide, providing tools to gamify their classrooms. Shawn taught 11th grade physics for 9 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and master’s in education from Université de Sherbrooke and is also a seasoned web developer. Shawn sits on the the Scientific Advisory Board for UNESCO’s MGIEP, sits on the corporate advisory board for Future Ready Schools New Jersey, sits on the corporate advisory board for SETDA, is the vice-president of the Edteq Association and is an Ambassador for the Education faculty of University of Sherbrooke. Shawn is interested in how we can create community in the classroom and how playful principles can help teach the whole child.

Shawn is a featured speaker at the Serious Play Conference; please check out other speakers if you are at all interested in the use of games to impact learning and social good.

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Date: Wednesday, May 22

Time: 2:00PM Eastern time/1:00PM Central

Event URL: https://zoom.us/j/553551564