Why We Do What We Do

Edchat Interactive is revolutionizing the way we participate in online PD.

Edchat Interactive is live video peer-to-peer sharing of education best practices. It's a discussion, not a lecture.

We provide the means for education innovators to transform education outcomes through sharing their knowledge and techniques with other educators in an engaging environment.

Edchat Interactive is also game-based learning. Please check out the trailer for the Sound of Hunger game, part of the Serious Play Conference, that teaches about the food supply.

Education is the path to opportunity.

We owe it to the kids to continuously improve.

Look over our Upcoming Web Events, and join us. Or Contact Us, and let us know how you'd like to participate.

What is Edchat Interactive?

Edchat Interactive started with Steven Anderson, Tom Whitby, and Mitch Weisburgh.

The three of us saw an opportunity to conduct PD more in tune with the way we learn, and to use technology to bring the skills and knowledge of education thought leaders to hundreds of thousand of educators.

People don't learn just by watching. We need to interact, reflect, and participate. That's our model, in 45-60 minute segments that fit into the busy lives of educators.

See our upcoming schedule.

And to find out more, reach out to us at @TomWhitby, @web20classroom, or @weisburghm.


"As an elementary principal, formerly coordinator of our district’s PD department, I am familiar with online learning. Your platform adds many unique features to the equation. I will be following you to participate in more events and will share your info within our district."

-- Principal

"You guys are awesome!"

-- Chicago Area Superintendent

"Thank you dearly for having me. I really loved it!!!! Everyone was so nice and engaged. The platform is amazing....I learned a lot too. ;)"

-- Shannon Miller, National Speaker on EdTech

"Last week was fantastic and I look forward to making these visual chats a part of my weekly PD"

-- Peter Spiegel, Educator, Newton, MA