FAQs/Tech Support

What's the best browser to use? Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Can I use my iPad or iPhone or Android? The tablet app is available in the iTunes and Google Play Store, however interactivity is limited. Tablet users can watch the event and submit text questions to the host, but cannot communicate with other guests or appear onstage. Look for the iPhone and Android phone app to be available Q1, 2016.

A/V Solution: To enable your own audio and video, be sure to click "Allow" to the Flash prompt which appears upon entry. If you do not see this screen, refresh the page. If you are still having A/V difficulties, roll over the thumbnail image in the bottom right corner, click "Settings" and select the relevant tab (Webcam, Mic, Audio). See the Flash prompt below:

Flash A/V menu

How do I know if my connection is fast enough? The platform requires a minimum of 1.5 kbps upload and 1.0 kbps download to fully enjoy the Shindig experience. To measure your speed, visit http://www.speedtest.net/.

How do I get help if I still have technical difficulties? There is almost always a Shindig rep at each event. You can find this user by locating the participant with "Shindig" in their name. Otherwise, you can call Shindig directly at 646.896.1747 during regular office hours (9:30am - 6:30pm Eastern).