A Framework for Turning Students into Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Led by Claude Charron

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Date: Tuesday, September 25

Time: 8:00PM Eastern/5:00PM Pacific Time

Conrad Challenge

The Conrad Design Method (CDM), inspired by Google Ventures Design Sprint, is a structured five-phase collaboration framework for teachers and student teams to understand and accomplish innovative and entrepreneurial solutions. Step by step, teams will identify and understand a problem, sketch solutions, prototype and validate. As educators, it is our responsibility to equip learners with the knowledge and 21st century skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom. The CDM is designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and help students think about the work in new ways. This innovation truly comes to life in the Conrad Challenge, a global competition where teams of 2-5 students ages 13-18 work with an educator coach to develop commercially-viable solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

About the 2018-19 Conrad Challenge

The Conrad Challenge is the leader in connecting students and mentors to collaboratively develop solutions to society’s current and future challenges, on Earth and beyond. The competition promotes collaborative, student-centered, real world-relevant learning that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, unleashing students’ potential to create future-defining solutions and a sustainable society for generations to come. Learn more at www.conradchallenge.org.

Entry Timeline for 2018-19 Challenge:

● Team Registration Open Online: Friday, August 24

● Team Registration Closes Online: Friday, October 19

● Investor Pitch Submission Deadline: Friday, November 2

● Finals: April 24-27, 2019, Kennedy Space Center

2018-19 Challenge Categories:

● Aerospace & Aviation

● Cyber-Technology & Security

● Energy & Environment

● Health & Nutrition

● Special Category: Smoke Free World, sponsored by Foundation for a Smoke Free World

● Special Category: Transforming Education Through Technology, sponsored by SMART Technologies


● Twitter: @ConradChallenge

● Facebook: facebook.com/ConradChallenge

  • In this webinar, Claude Charron, the Conrad Foundation’s Director of Education and Professional Development, will walk you through the Conrad Design Method and help you understand its benefits to students, teachers, STEM coaches, and subject matter experts. Questions addressed in the webinar include: How can students, teachers, and STEM coaches leverage the CDM?
  • How can you lead students through the innovation process using expert project management techniques that build toward success?
  • What are some successful projects that serve as exemplars of the CDM?
  • How can students and educators get involved?

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Claude Charron