August 11 Customized (Personalized) Learning

with Sherry Crofut and Lennie Symes Customized (or personalized) learning is really starting to become one of the new buzzwords in education. Not only is it effective for students, it's liberating for teachers!

Sherry Crofut and Lennie Symes partnered with the authors of the book, Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning, and have been building a solid professional development plan to help schools move from where they are to something far more student centered and customized. This year, their work accelerated due to a $4 million dollar grant to make this a reality in South Dakota schools. Come join the conversation in what Lennie and Sherry are doing and what they are learning!

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Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016

Time: 8:00PM Eastern/ 6:00PM Mountain time

Sherry and Lenny

Lennie has conducted more than 25 years of technology- and curriculum-focused professional development (PD) for teachers and administrators in South Dakota, Wyoming, Washington, Minnesota and Missouri. His experience encompasses a wide variety of PD including face-to-face, online, self-paced, and hybrid PD. His specialty is making complex technology understandable, particularly through hands-on PD focusing on instructional impact of technology rather than just technology features. He has developed a wide variety of data tools and planning processes to help schools be more focused for better decision-making. Sherry Crofut started with TIE in July 2010 as an Education Technology Specialist. Prior to that, Sherry spent 11 years at North Middle School in Rapid City – eight as a computer teacher and three as an 8th grade English teacher. In 2007, Sherry completed her Master’s Degree from the University of South Dakota in Technology in Education and Training. Also in 2007, she was the recipient of the Milken award and in 2008 Sherry achieved National Board Certification. She is Google Apps Certified and has become a Google Glass Explorer. Sherry is passionate about technology integration and truly believes education should reflect teaching our 21st century students with the 21st century skills they are going to need in this world. Sherry believes that customized learning is not only "inevitable," but essential to improving the education system and giving our students the best education possible!