August 19 with Garrett Zimmer

Harnessing the Educational Power of Minecraft via Game-Based Learning (Register Below)

Who isn't just a bit curious about the educational power of the blockbuster game Minecraft? Wouldn't you like to learn and plan

with someone who is followed by thousands of kids? This live event is an interactive discussion on the use of and design of effective game-based learning curriculum (GBL) in Minecraft. Whether you're new to Minecraft or an Expert Game-based Educator, this panel will help you apply #GBL concepts to your Minecraft lessons helping you harness its full potential.

Garrett Zimmer

The format of these webinars will provide us with the opportunity to collaboratively discuss your own lesson ideas, and support you as start working with Minecraft in your class.

Garrett Zimmer is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and leader with a background in business and education and a passion for educational leadership. Garrett has been awarded honors, and Government Honors for his work with educational boards and councils across Ontario, Canada. and continues to advocate and work for the future of students everywhere. Garrett has spent the past 10 years as an entrepreneur and even runs a popular Kid Friendly Gaming Entertainment Channel as PBJellyGames.

Now Garrett's focus is closer to the heart of education, and along with his team he's developing and designing a suite of game-based-learning modules for Minecraft in the classroom, to empower educators to drive engagement through Fun and Learning.

If you'd like to learn more about Garrett or MineGage, follow him on twitter: @PBJellyGames or visit the Minegage website

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Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Time: 7:00PM EDT/4:00PM PDT

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