Digital Tools To Enhance Your Class with Zachary Walker

Digital Tools To Enhance Your Class with Zachary Walker

In this four part series, award winning Technology Educator, Zachary Walker discussed tools, tips and advice on how to use digital tools to enhance your class. View the archives below.

May 10th (Video) We all use video in class. But how can we use it better? How can we use student produced videos? Why is video more than YouTube? What are the best tools for showing video even if you cannot access YouTube at school or if your connection is poor? We will take a new look at video and how it is best utilized in the classroom.

February 23rd (Twitter)

April 19th (Backchannels)What is a backchannel discussion? How can we use them in class to improve learning and increase retention?This discussion will focus on popular backchannel tools and, most importantly, how to get the most out of them in class.

Learn dozens of ways to use Twitter for both professional development and as a learning tool for your students. We will not only discuss how to use Twitter but why it can be a very effective tool for helping students do well in class and on standardized assessments.March 22nd (Photos) We will discuss dozens of new, innovative, and strategic ways to use photos in class. Since most of our students have devices, it is important that we use the tools they have readily available. From selfies to wefies, discover multiple ways for students to produce content that is usable for class and important for learning new content!

Zachary Walker

Zachary Walker is the founder of Last Backpack Generation and is currently a faculty member at the National Institute of Education in Singapore. Zachary is a special educator and technology consultant who teaches pre-service teachers and provides professional development for districts, schools, and businesses. His workshops and seminars are fast-paced, fun, and very, very practical for administrators, teachers, and business leaders. He was one of five recipients of the 2012 Think College Emerging Scholar Award for his research on the use of technology to prepare students for post-secondary environments. Zachary has worked with educators in the United States, Asia, Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. He also worked with UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (IBE) on issues related to inclusive educational policy. Zachary is a certified teacher who has taught at the primary, secondary, and university level. His current research focuses on the impact of mobile technology on both students and teachers and practical strategies for teachers at all levels.

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