The How-to’s Behind Cultural Proficiency with Randall and Delores Lindsey

Cultural proficiency is a mindset, a worldview, a way a person or an organization interacts effectively with other cultures in diverse environments. In this webinar, equity experts and best-selling authors Randall B. Lindsey and Delores Lindsey give an overview of the Tools of Cultural Proficiency and describe how this model is one successful approach for implementing change in the context of today’s schools.

Learn more about four foundational tools for:

  • Narrowing and closing access and education gaps
  • Understanding how personal and organizational mindsets affect conditions of learning, student outcomes, and engagement
  • Developing a cultural proficiency mindset that leads to actions as leverage points for personal and organizational change

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Date: April 11, 2016

Time: 6:30 PM Eastern/ 3:30 PM Pacific Time

Randall B. Lindsey is emeritus professor at California State University, Los Angeles and has a practice centered on educational consulting and issues related to equity and access. Prior to higher education faculty roles, he served as a junior and senior high school history teacher, a district office administrator for school desegregation, and executive director of a non-profit corporation. All of his experiences have been in working with diverse populations and his area of study is the behavior of white people in multicultural settings, which together inform his vast array of Cultural Proficiency professional resources and services available from Corwin.

Randall Lindsay
Corwin Series

Delores B. Lindsey, Ph.D., retired as Associate Professor of Education at Cal State San Marcos, San Marcos, CA, but did not retire from the education profession. As a former middle grades and high school teacher, assistant principal, principal, and county office of education administrator, her primary focus is developing culturally proficient leadership practices aimed at closing educational gaps. She helps educational leaders examine their organizations' policies and practices, and their individual beliefs and values about cross-cultural communication. Delores is coauthor, with Randall, of several professional books on cultural proficiency.

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Delores Lindsey