Managing Digital Resources in the Classroom

What Houston ISD has learned about how to make the proliferation of apps, programs, and devices manageable, with Beatriz Arnillas

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Let's talk about all the things you do or would like to do in your classrooms to engage students, foster interactions, deliver content, promote social learning, deploy project based learning, and enhance collaboration with Houston's Beatriz Arnillas.

How do we remove the obstacles to having the best possible resource in the hands of students at the right time?

With over 11,000 teachers and 215,000 students, Houston ISD has seen it all. How do Houston teachers find the best resources to use, learn how to use them, integrate them into instruction, assess their effectiveness, and keep their students safe? What can you teach Houston?

Don't miss the opportunity to talk with Beatriz.

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Date: Wednesday, November 16

Time: 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

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Beatriz Arnillas leads the IT-Education Technology team for Houston ISD in Texas. She is responsible for the design and implementation of innovative Education Technology programs and initiatives for the District. She is a member of the PowerUp design team and leader of the instructional technology team that designed and delivered the program to schools and teachers.

Ms. Arnillas actively collaborates with key district leaders to identify workable solutions for the effective implementation of existing and new technology solutions towards the creation of personalized learning environments, including a number of the district's digital transformation programs, digital resources strategy, specializing on IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability, and the creation of the Houston ISD privacy, safety and security rubric in collaboration with Common Sense Media.

Beatriz Arnillas

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