May 31 Virtual Reality in the Classroom

This Edchat Interactive is part of the Serious Play Conference Series. Just a taste of what you'll get at the conference.

How will your lessons change when your students can interact with any real or imagined person, place or thing? Virtual field trips, virtual experiments, virtual manipulatives, it all becomes possible, and much of it is possible now. Talk to real teachers who are using virtual reality in their classes today.

Foundry10 is conducting research on the use of Virtual Reality in Schools with 8 schools and 400 students across North America. Participants in this session will share their experience providing students with immersive experiences and opportunities to create content for VR. Challenges and possibilities related to incorporating Virtual Reality in education will be discussed.

Serious Play Conference

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Date: Tuesday, May 31

Time: 8:00PM Eastern, 5:00PM Pacific time

Steve, Lisa, Mark

Steve Isaacs: Steve teaches Video Game Design and Development at William Annin Middle School and online for Virtual High School. Watching students take an active and enthusiastic role in the learning process is all any teacher could ask for. Steve gets to see that every day! Steve’s mission is to invoke a passion for learning in his students. He believes that offering a choice in learning pathways allows students to find their way and develop a love of learning that will extends well beyond their time together. He has created a studio-like environment where students have a great number of resources available to spark their creativity. Steve is always learning alongside his students. He loves to learn with them as they encounter challenges. Steve feels fortunate to work in an environment where each day is a new adventure. This year has been especially exciting as he and his students have been involved in the research on the use of Virtual Reality in the classroom. They have been actively researching the possibilities of VR and experiencing Virtual Reality through immersive experiences. His students are also actively working on creating content to be experienced in VR.

Lisa Casteneda: Lisa is a Co-founder and CEO of foundry10, an organization that does research on non-traditional learning. In particular, Lisa is interested in developing opportunities for students and teachers to be creative through a variety of programs and projects. She has a Masters degree in Education and taught in grades K-8 for 10 years. Her current research focuses on learning with video games, virtual reality, vocational technology and the arts in the hopes that we can all expand our understanding of what it really means to learn.

Mark Suter: Mark has taught for 9 years in Ohio where he integrates entrepreneurial thinking into computer programming, web design, Photoshop, and video editing. His students create VR experiences in Unity for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The students’ passion to create quality content has resulted in deeper learning of computer programming, software design, and true collaboration. In this lab, mistakes are encouraged, projects are hands-on, and expectations are high. Mark is director of, a student-driven club that seeks to prepare students for a life of innovation by having them provide web, video, and employee training services in exchange for donations. Students learn what they need to stay afloat in a “just in time” manner rather than a “just in case” one.

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