Monthly Conversation With Dr. Russ Quaglia

Monthly School Voice Conversations with Dr. Russ Quaglia

Dr. Russ Quaglia's monthly webinar series will continue with a brief overview and update of the various School Voice efforts happening around the world. Each month, a different guest will co-host the webinar to share experiences from around the world. You will be invited to share your School Voice experiences so that we can listen to, learn from, and amplify the success occurring in your school. There will be ample time to ask questions of Russ Quaglia and one another. Join us for these exciting opportunities to amplify your voice and the voices of your students!

This month, Dr. Quaglia will be joined by Simon Feasey and Melissa Phillips Morse. Simon Feasey is a 13 year educator, and has been head teacher of Bader Primary School in the north east of England for five years. Simon and his team at Bader have worked hard to create a culture of learning, where all are free to inquire, explore and collaborate - underpinned by attention to the building of relational trust across the whole of the school community. Simon believes that sustainable school development cannot be achieved without actively listening to all who have a vested interest in the school community - with all accepting responsibility for a shared vision. Melissa Phillips Morse is a 20 year educator in the Cobb County School District, located in North Metro Atlanta Area. As the Director of Instruction and Innovative Practice, Melissa works with teachers and leaders in 114 schools K-12 engage deeply in learning and promotes innovative thinking to transform the educational experience for a modern world. The Cobb County School District is dedicated to fostering Teacher Leaders and School Voice.

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This is a Monthly Series

n Wednesdays

Date: May 11, 2016

June 8, 2016

Time: 3:00 PM Eastern time/ 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Dr. Russell J. Quaglia is a globally recognized pioneer in the field of education, known for his unwavering dedication to student voice and aspirations.

Quaglia has been described by news media as America’s foremost authority on the development and achievement of student voice and aspirations. His innovative work is evidenced by an extensive library of research-based publications, prominent international speaking appearances, and a successfully growing list of aspirations ventures. Among these ventures, Quaglia authored for Corwin the School Voice suite of books, surveys, and services.

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