Techniques and Tools for Teaching Language with Content

Led by Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo

Language is a path to and from the minds of our students. Whether you’re teaching students a first language or second, or even if you are teaching other subjects that use language for communication, certain tools and techniques can trigger engagement, deep learning, and motivation.

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Date: Thursday, July 6

Time: 11:00AM Eastern (NY), 5:00PM CEST (Italy)

Join Drs Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo as they explore how web tools and handheld devices can enhance active learning and integrate Language, Subject Content, and Technology for better outcomes.

CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is considered an optimum approach for improving the quality of the school curriculum. CLIL uses structured processes for developing the essential skills that students need to operate as global digital citizens. To address these issues, the workshop will provide a journey of exploration into the world of learning technologies to develop innovative teaching and learning scenarios, crafted with the use of technologies. The session will include how to use:

  • Authentic foreign language materials
  • Online environments, social media, or voice/video conferencing
  • Language-learning tools (apps or software)
  • Online virtual learning environments
  • Game-based learning

Particular attention will be devoted to the latest research in the field of mobile learning, Technology Enhanced Learning of contents in the mother language or in a foreign language and to empowered PLEs (personal learning environments).

Materials, hints, practical suggestions for challenging lessons will be offered during the seminar.

Letizia Cinganotto Full time Researcher at INDIRE, PhD in Linguistics, former teacher of English at upper secondary school level, trainer and author of digital content. Previous experience: working at the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, Directorate General for Schooling, dealing with issues relating to foreign languages and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and coordinating projects involving school networks all over Italy. Main Research areas: e-Learning, blended learning, language learning/teaching, CLIL, TELL (Technology Enhanced Language Learning), English as a Foreign Language, teacher training, school innovation.

Letizia Cinganotto

Daniela Cuccurullo Contract Professor of English and of didactics and multimedia teaching at the University of Naples, School teacher of English, teacher trainer, e-tutor, forum moderator and author of digital contents. Engaged in research on teaching English as a second language through multimedia and CALL/MALL/MALU, she has presented papers at national and international conferences and is the author of essays on didactics and English literature, reviews and translations. She has planned, coordinated and taught CLIL courses at International, national and local levels.

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Daniella Cuccurullo