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2016 Live PD Session Archives:

Lucas Blair

May 18, Game Mechanics you can use in the Classroom with Lucas Blair
Level up your teaching with three key elements of game design that accelerate learning for ANY class. The way games help players set goals, the ways they provide feedback, and the ways they set up challenges motivate players to stay on task and keep coming back. Lucas discussed ways to integrate these elements into the projects, assignments, and activities you use in your classes. Lucas is also talking at the Serious Play Conference July 28 in Chapel Hill.


Student Voice

May 11, Monthly School Conversations with Russ Quaglia
Russ discusses School Voice efforts around the world with Simon Feasey of the UK and Melissa Phillips Morse of Cobb County Georgia. Simon and Melissa talk about how they implemented school voice and the tremendous effect it has had on both teachers and students. Learn how teacher engagement and student achievement are going through the roof. Plus, Russ reveals some long held secrets of the Qisa Institute.

Video in the Classroom

May 10, Using Video to Enhance Your Class, with Zachary Walker
We all use video in class. But how can we use it better? How can we use student produced videos? What are the best tools for showing video even if you cannot access YouTube at school or if your connection is poor? We will take a new look at video and how it is best utilized in the classroom. You can also download the slides. This is the fourth Edtech Tools event with Zachary, view the archives of the entire series here.

Collaborative Learning

May 9, Leading Collaborative learning with Lyn Sharratt and Beate Planche
Lyn and Beate discuss five high-impact collaborative strategies: what are they, how do they work, and how do you implement them. Download the slides here. Contact Beate and Planche (contact info on slides) if you'd like to see how they can help your school or district.

Nikki Navta

May 4, Nikki Navta: How to use Game Design with your MS or HS Class
This is part of the Serious Play Conference Series.
Nikki showed techniques that any MS or HS teacher can use to introduce a level of play and coding into their classes. There were demonstrations, discussions with teachers using games in their own classes, and lists of tools and resources. Zikki's company, Zulama, also provides coding curriculum. You can download the slides here.

Writing Mechanics and Conventions

May 2, Steve Peha: Helping Young Writers Master Mechanics and Conventions
Do your students go into a coma when you try to teach them commas? Do they break the rules because they don't know them, or because they are using their artistic voice? Steve leads a discussion on techniques that actually teach student good sentence structure. Download the slides here. And view the archives of Steve's entire Teaching Writing series here.


April 19, Zachary Walker: The Many Uses and Techniques of Backchannel Discussions in Classes
Zachary discussed how we can use Backchannels in class to improve learning and increase retention. This discussion focused on popular Backchannel tools and, most importantly, how to get the most out of them in class. Download the slides here.


Nonfiction Writing

April 13: Tools for Teaching Expository, Persuasive, and Argumentative Writing with Steve Peha
It seems that kids really struggle with nonfiction writing. But kids are natural story tellers. Steve talks about how to begin with personal narratives and then show students how to transition to other types of nonfiction writing. Use the handouts to guide your students through the process. View Steve's other archives on teaching writing here.

Cultural Proficiency

April 11, Randall & Delores Lindsey on Cultural Proficiency Tools for Schools
Randall B. Lindsey and Delores Lindsey, co-authors of over a dozen books and recognized living legends, give an overview of the Tools of Cultural Proficiency and describe how this model is one successful approach for implementing change in the context of today’s schools. Download the slides here. This is part of the Corwin Authors Series.

Student Voice Series

April 4, Russ Quaglia on Student Voice as the Instrument of Change
How can we most influence student learning? When students have voice, they are 7 times as motivated, and when students are engaged, they are 16 times as motivated. Corwin authors Russ Quaglia and Michael Corso review their research and discuss practical tips for making your classroom and your school powerful drivers for student learning AND teacher satisfaction. Download the slides here.

Jennifer Abrams

March 28, Unpacking Hard Conversations with Jennifer Abrams

Tough talks are never easy, but they don't have to be hard, and they'd better be productive. Best-selling author Jennifer Abrams discusses how to have those hard conversations humanely while achieving the results you desire. She walks you through planning a conversation that creates more safety and less threat for both of you. You can download the slides here. This is part of the Corwin Authors series.

Zachary Walker

March 22, Using Photos to Enhance Your Class with Zachary Walker 
Since most of our students have devices, it is important that we use the tools they have readily available. From selfies to wefies, discover multiple ways for students to produce content that is usable for class and important for learning new content! This is part of Zachary Walker's series on digital tools to enhance your class. You can download the slides here.

Immersive Democracy

March 17, Immersive Democracy with Alex Bell and Sylvan Baker
Alex and Sylvan discuss a method, borrowed from the performing arts, to align adminstrators, teachers, students, and parents on educational goals and processes. Immersive Democracy starts with five critical questions and evolves into discussions from which a common vision emerges. Can increased engagement, voice, and agency lead to better education? Download the slides here.

Yong Zhao

March 14, Putting World-Class Learning Into
Action, with Yong Zhao 
Incremental fixes aren’t enough if we’re to prepare our students for a future that will require them to be creative and entrepreneurial thinkers. What’s required is wholesale, whole-system transformation. Join Dr. Yong Zhao, author of World Class Learners, as he walked us through the three critical elements behind his all-new paradigm: personalization, product-oriented learning, and global campus. You can download Dr. Zhao's slides here and you can dive deep into World Class Learning in his book.

March 9
Monthly School Voice Conversations with Russ Quaglia
Russ talks with Susan Koulianos, principal of Harding Elementary school in Youngstown, Ohio about providing an environment where every teacher and student succeeds.

Russ Quaglia

High-Leverage Strategies for Teaching Writing with Steve Peha
Steve showed 6 different techniques to help students learn the art of revising. Download Steve's slides here.

Steve Peha

Zachary Walker on Twitter

February 23, Twitter for the Classroom with Zachary Walker
You'll hear about dozens of ways to use Twitter for both Professional development and as a learning tool for your students. Tips range from who to follow, using Twitter for notes on a field trip, Twitter as a tool for student voice, Twitter for dynamic digital storytelling, and Twitter as a source for student resource, you'll learn about uses for primary and secondary students. You can access the slides here.

Giancarlo Brotto

February 18, What Works in 1:1 with Giancarlo Brotto
What practices does a 1:1 environment enable that will really accelerate learning? There are those who say that EdTech has no impact on student learning. The data show that certain pedagogical changes along with EdTech implementation, can have a dramatic effect on student learning. What are they? Watch the archive and download the presentation slides. And Please visit this webinar's sponsor, the Samsung Smartamp Solution.

Jim Knight

February 15, Better Conversations with Jim Knight
Any educator who has walked away from a conversation sensing it could have been more productive, but at a loss for how to improve it should look over this archive. Jim reviews the 6 beliefs and 10 habits that make for consistently beneficial conversations. You can download the slides here and you can download other resources and find out more about Jim's Instructional Coaching workshops and books at

Writing Details

February 10, Teaching vividly detailed writing with Steve Peha
Steve Peha continues his teaching writing series by reviewing effective techniques to teach students, of all levels, how to include details that bring their writings to life. Most of these techniques are used early in the writing process, so that students start thinking of details as part of constructing their works. You can also download Steve's slides here and you can visit Steve's Teaching That Makes Sense website for even more tools.

School Voice

February 10, School Voice with Russ Quaglia
Russ Quaglia continues his discussions on global school improvement efforts with Gavin Sykes Program Director of the Education World Forum and the Asian Summit on Education and Skills. Gavin and Russ involved participants to cover common obstacles to teacher and student voice, and different ways to overcome them.

Gravity Goldberg

January 25, Mindsets and Moves to Inspire Independent Reading with Gravity Goldberg
Drawing on Gravity Goldberg's new book Mindsets and Moves: Strategies That Help Readers Take Charge,we explored specific tools you can use in any setting for supporting student ownership and growth. These techniques inspire rigor, complex text comprehension, and deeper engagement. You can also download the slides here.

Jeff Bradbury

January 21, Digital Narratives with Jeff Bradbury
Let your students' imaginations run wild by showing them these digital storytelling techniques demonstrated by Jeff Bradbury. In this webcast, Jeff shows you how to spin content into compelling stories using simple tools. You thought Google Slides was just static slides? Hah, then watch this!


January 13, Global Efforts on School Voice
Dr. Russ Quaglia's monthly webinar series continued with a brief overview and update of the various School Voice efforts happening around the world. Mr. Steve Kenning, Chief Executive of the Aspirations Academies Trust, joined the January webinar to share experiences from Great Britain. 

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