Would you like to set up an Edchat Interactive Series?

Edchat Interactive Screen Shot


Make an impact

Edchat Interactive can help you create a dialog with 150 or more educators who will feel you have helped them professionally. Engaging educators in meaningful conversations may be the most effective way to
  • establish your reputation
  • assert thought-leadership
  • generate leads
Please contact us at info@edchatinteractive.org or call 914.574.2831 (US number) for further information.


Provide exciting speakers
  • We help find speakers
  • We coach and guide the speakers
  • We provide a moderator whose main goal is to make the speaker look good.
Attract an audience
  • Turnkey: We can take over all marketing and guarantee 500 registrations
  • Supplementary: We can market to our own lists and provide guidance to your marketing efforts
Register participants
  • We create a landing page for interested potential participants
  • We create and manage the registration form
  • We confirm and remind all registrations
Repurpose and cross-promote using multiple media
  • We archive the event, and host the archive and any materials on our website
  • We blast out the archive through our channels
  • You can embed the archive on your own website
  • You have access to all registrants who consent to being contacted
Please contact us at info@edchatinteractive.org or call 914.574.2831 (US number) for further information.