Upcoming Web Events

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April 25, 8:00PM Eastern time
Talking with The Tribe and Matt Farber about teaching with games
Learn how master teachers are using games to stimulate deep learning More...

May 9: 8:00PM Eastern time
Make the Shift: How to Leverage Open Educational Resources, led by Kristina Ishmael
Ever want to take control of the content you use with students? More...

*** We are posting our Spring Schedule. Stay tuned for updates ***

What is an Edchat Interactive event?

Like webinars, Edchat Interactive uses live video.

But with an Edchat Interactive, instead of a long presentation, the event is a live video discussion.

The leader will present a basic concept in the first 5-10 minutes of the event. Then participants will break into small video chat groups to discuss the practicalities of the concept.

After 5-10 minutes of small group discussion, representative of various groups will discuss their findings with the event leader(s) while the entire group watches and listens.

This, more interactive format incorporates social learning and reflection into the learning process, which facilitates deep learning, and greater engagement.

We hope you can find a topic on the left that interests you, and that you get a chance to participate.