Katie Ann Wilson: Seeing a Different Kind of Reality

Date: February 24, 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Pacific Time

Katie Ann Wilson
is a presenter and trainer with a passion for educational technology.  She loves to spend
Katie Ann Wilson
time with her 3 kids and husband. Her 1st day in her career in education was her son's 1st day of kindergarten which was over 12 years ago. Throughout her career she has presented at several regional, national, and international conferences.  She founded the Augmented Reality for Educators Google+ group as well as the Global Digital Scrapbook project. She has reached over 100,000+ educators and students with her blog The Diary of the Techie Chick. Feel free to join her growing social media outreach either through her Facebook page or through Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

Seeing a Different Kind of Reality

Learn how to take an original student or teacher piece of work and turn it into a mind blowing interactive augmented reality project in just a few clicks.  I will walk you step by step how to use the 4D Studio from Daqri to create unique interactive projects, lessons, reports, and etc...  

To be able to create your own lessons, please request your free education account. - http://daqri.com/daqri-4d-studio/4d-studio-education-application/#.VLQl6lWJOuY 

Students get really excited and engaged with augmented reality, and now, in less than an hour, you can create powerful lessons for your students. Here is an example: