Exploring New Frontiers for Learning as We Embark on This Age of Artificial Intelligence

Led by Michelle Zimmerman
FETC's Discussions on EdTech with Leading Educators

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Date: Thursday, January 10
Time: 8:00PM Eastern/5:00PM Pacific Time
AI can be a polarizing topic.

Are you concerned that Artificial Intelligence might replace humans? Are you excited at the possibilities where AI will enhance human performance? Will AI take away jobs, from us as teaches as well as from our students when it’s their turn to enter the workforce?

Michelle Zimmerman is the author of Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning, award-winning educator, and a featured speaker at this year’s FETC. In this Edchat Interactive she will lead us in discussions to disambiguate some of the mystery surrounding , and help you better prepare your students for, what exists now and in the future in topics including AI, robotics, machine learning, and cognitive systems.

AI is already supporting learning from early childhood though adult training in industry. On the other side, increasingly we are being classified by AI algorithms, learning about us, advertising to us, in medicine and law, and even in creative fields and hiring protocols. How can we make these more beneficial by recognizing and avoiding unintentional (or worse, intentional) bias?

How do we best prepare our young people for a future where AI has great potential for good?

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Michelle Zimmerman is published in Springer’s International Human-Computer Interaction Series and press such as VentureBeat shared her work as the first K-12 school to pilot Mixed Reality with through the partnership she developed with edtech startup, Lifeliqe in Czech Republic  in 2015 and 2017. That same year, she and a student presented at New York Academy of Medicine about the intersection of stoytelling with Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Mixed Reality in HoloLens and how this intersection can inform Artificial Intelligence. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, she is a third year Microsoft MVP for global impact. With 18 years in the classroom (ages 4 - 16), her students gained international recognition through global school visits hosting Ministries of Education and Delegates at Renton Preparatory Christian School from around the world. 

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