How do you expect me to personalize learning when I’ve got 30 students in each class?

Led by Sam Brooks and Lance Key of Putnam County School District in Tennessee
FETC's Discussions on EdTech with Leading Educators

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Date: Wednesday, January 16 
Time: 3:00PM Eastern/noon Pacific Time

Sam Brooks and Lance Key may have a way for you to actually do that and still keep your sanity.

Within their Putnam County School District in Tennessee, they have implemented what they call the VITAL initiative. VITAL changes the way teachers and students interact, using technology. This is a subtle but profound difference from solely introducing technology, and they intend to discuss those differences with participants of the Edchat Interactive.

In a preview of their four sessions at FETC, they will lead a discussion with questions such as:

  • What does it mean to prepare students for jobs, technology, and roles that don’t even exist yet?
  • How do we switch the ownership of learning to the student, and leverage educators’ time to what only they can provide?
  • How can we use tech not just for tech, but to help students become problem solvers and creators while still meeting, or even blasting through, our learning standards?
  • What are district-wide and classroom activities that we can all start doing tomorrow to start moving in this direction?
Sam Brooks is the personalized-learning supervisor for the Putnam County schools in Tennessee, leading all student/teacher personalized-learning opportunities in the district, which includes online, dual enrollment, dual credit, and industry-certification options. Sam led the launch of the VITAL program in Putnam County and will be presenting several sessions at FETC this January in Orlando including "Virtual Reality in the Personalized Learning Classroom." Sam is a Google-certified trainer and was recognized by the Center for Digital Education as a national Top 30 Technologists-Transformers-Trailblazers in 2014. Connect with Sam on Twitter @VITALK12.

Lance Key is instructional technology specialist for the Putnam County (TN) School System and a member of the Putnam County VITAL program. Selected as the 2016-2017 VITAL Teacher of the Year, Key has taught math for 13 years (from 6th grade math to AP Calculus) and has been using the blended/flipped model in his classroom for the past nine years. He will present several sessions at FETC  in January, including Increase Student Engagement with Interactive Design. Connect with Key on Twitter at @lancerkey.  

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Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks

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