May 18 Lucas Blair: Play or Learn or Design, Why not All Three?

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Date: Wednesday, May 18
Time: 6:00PM Eastern/3:00PM Pacific time
Serious Play
This Edchat Interactive Webinar is part of the 
Serious Play Conference series. Just a taste of what you'll see at the conference.

Level up your teaching with three key elements of game design that accelerate learning for ANY class. Games motivate players to work harder, learn more, and stick with the program. We will focus on applying three foundational game design principles to classroom instruction: goal setting, feedback, challenge. The session will follow a Learn, Make, Share rotation for each topic covered. In this format an introduction to a new concept will be followed by ideation and then peer/facilitator feedback on the implementation.

Lucas Blair
Dr. Lucas Blair co-founded Little Bird Games, a serious game development company that specializes in educational and therapeutic games, in 2011. Prior to founding Little Bird Games, Lucas was lead game designer and co-manager of RETRO Lab at the University of Central Florida. He received a M.S. in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University and a PhD in Modeling and Simulation from the University of Central Florida. His doctoral research explored the use of video game achievements to enhance player performance, self-efficacy, and motivation.

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