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Archived Edchat Interactive Series on Practical Education Technology Tips Sponsored by Promethean ClassFlow

October 26, Dave Blanchard on Robotics, Programming, and Computer Science

Dave discusses techniques and tools for incorporating robotics and programming into classes in order to teach computational and critical thinking skills. The data shows that kids like coding and robotics A LOT, and Dave describes how he works with teachers to engage students in fun and difficult projects. You can download the slides here,

Welcome to the Modern Classroom

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October 13, Kathy Perret on Engaging Assessment

Why is assessment so motivating for kids in games, and so demotivating in schools? How can we use assessment to drive effort and achievement? Kathy discussed using both high-tech and low-tech forms of assessment as part of the learning process. You can download the slides here, and you can view archives of other sessions from ClassFlow's practical education technology tips here.

September 29, 2016: Growing a STEM Program From the Ground Up

Cindy Wallace, Jennifer Hoskins, Kaylin Sumner, and Carol Kordsmeier, all veteran educators from Marshall Independent School District share the evolution of their district’s STEM program, how it affected student achievement, and how you can implement many of the programs they use. You can download the slides here.