Growing A STEM Program From The Ground Up With Cindy Wallace

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Date: Wednesday, Sept 28

Time: 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

Welcome to the Modern Classroom

In this EdChat Interactive, part of the STEM, Engagement & Robotics Series from ClassFlow, veteran educators from Marshall Independent School District share the evolution of their district’s STEM program. Designed to develop future-ready students, their program uses rigorous, standards-aligned projects that involve real-world problems, global connections, hands-on builds, and technology. The presenters will discuss details about the program’s framework, focus, and resources, as well as how they leveraged community partnerships, events, and various funding sources to bring the program to life. Whether you’ve specialized in STEM for years or are just getting started, join us to discuss the challenges and successes of growing a district-wide STEM program. Please scroll down to register.

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Cindy Wallace (MS-Educational Leadership, Louisiana Tech University) is the district STEM Coordinator for Marshall Independent School District, an ACT Math Specialist, and an ambassador for ClassFlow and Osmo. With an undergraduate degree in Engineering, this educator of 15 years, is passionate about providing opportunities to tackle real-world issues through hands-on builds and tech integration

Cindy Wallace

Jennifer Hoskins (M.Ed- University of Washington) is the district STEM Instructional Coach for Marshall Independent School District. With more than 5 years experience developing projects and writing curriculum for various science centers around the country, bringing that engaging, fast paced, hands-on learning into the public education classroom has become my passion and purpose. Coaching the teachers in the district STEM program is a dream job that allows for effecting change and progress on a larger scale.

Jennifer Hoskins

Kay Lynn Sumner (BS Ed.-Abilene Christian University) is a Kindergarten STEM Teacher at South Marshall STEM Academy in the Marshall Independent School District. With 22 years experience teaching Kindergarten it became evident that my students have “big ideas” and need to be challenged to develop their ideas. It is my goal to challenge my students and give them the tools they need to compete globally in our fast paced, ever changing world.

Kay Lynn Sumner

Carol Kordsmeier (BSE - Louisiana State University, Shreveport) is the Technology Teacher at Price T. Young Middle School in the Marshall Independent School District. Twelve years of classroom experience has stirred in this teacher a passion for student success and a desire to empower teachers to go beyond the cookie-cutter classroom. Technology has been a key component in capturing the hearts and minds of both students and teachers. The use of various forms of technology have proven to align with curriculum standards in core classes and give students the desire to excel.

Carol Kordsmeier